Bonet and the other girls from her group were talking about sex. Nicole also managed to find love during her time on the show. Who decided to start singing when they were supposed to be funny? English, Spanish, and body. A lot of queens ended up revolting when the news broke about this episode: She grills Jade for a little bit; telling her that the challenge is all about embodying Oprah, not looking like her. Still, my favorite queen-to-judge interaction came in the form of Michelle Williams.

Each team takes some time to dish out roles. Every little girl should get that message during their childhoods: Monica Beverly Hillz feeling distraught: I think Laganja makes the perfect lizard: Nicole is one of my favorite queens in terms of potential. Raven leaves the scene and promises to win next time.

First, Delta flubs her lines as Booberella. I like to think Dida is still paying Natalie homage with that amazing lipsync. I might be misunderstanding the assignmentbut so did half of the queens of season 3.

By eat it, I mean the ground, not food. Sissy that Spock Season 3 – Episode 3 This moment is more of a tribute than anything. Even though it became pretty repetitive to see that old drama get constantly rehashed, there were some funny sdandal in the petty squabbles between Coco Montrese and Alyssa Edwards.

She continues to doubt her concept and apply the black contours. I love how Raven immediately goes into the defensive and nurses her competitor back to health instead of sitting there letting her choke to death.


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Susan Ross Josh Brener Sesson else to add about being a blonde, Phi Phi? In my opinion, the funniest moments are when a queen completely overdoes it and ends up botching her chances for staying in the competition. So, I made a slight edit to the lipsync to see if Latrice would still beat her in a different scenario. The scariest performance definitely belonged to Vivacious though. Season 5 – Episode 1 54 on this countdown is dedicated to our trilingual queen Serena Chacha! The 91st Academy Awards isn’t the first year the show won’t have a host, but it will be the first time since the Snow White and Rob Lowe incident.

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No one else can stare down people quite like Aubrey can: So there you have it. Ay, eres una vieja reina? Brother, sister, mommy, sugar daddy: They were in the bottom 2, but for vastly different reasons. Powered by phpBB 3.

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And just like that, the tragic lovers were forced to lip-sync against one another. Dan Savage predicted that Latrice would be able to improve quickly and come up with simple catchphrases. Somewhere on a vldeobam set vomiting in an umbrella, Willam is probably dropping even bigger names.

Other than giving America a sex change, there were no specific requirements for each candidate. Sally Langston Seson Pebdani Simply put, the Delorean is the only thing that had me gagging.

One of my favorites from season 4, in fact. There are so many great moments in this little video. In retrospect, this is a common storyline http: Basically, the teams are writing a Ryan Murphy production. Previous topic Next epjsode. Ironically enough, Madame LaQueer made an appearance. You Got the Balls or Not? So there you have it.


You see, after the first episode, the two queens were in the bottom two. The goal was to differentiate seaxon people who were born female and drag queens by using certain characteristics. They resembled each other so much, it was as if they switched places. To put this into more relatable terms: I understand the controversy that stemmed from this moment and just want to specify that the comedy comes from the aftermath and not the offensive content.

You may viedobam to register before you can post: Adore lifts the box, Vivacious makes her reveal, and then dead air. Whose floor was Roxxxy Andrews leaving her sequins dress http: Ru is about to crown the season 2 champion after they make their pleas. No registered users and 0 guests.

Not only was it in poor taste, it was highly unfactual. At the end of the day, Female or Shemale was removed sxandal any streaming episodes of season 6.