Randy’s not exactly Mr. Even though she cussed out Prez over the small pencil, I felt sorry for Zenobia. Another show Alan reviewed very sporadically especially in its later lesser seasons , but he did review every episode of the Ed laughed, pointing out that paper doesn’t matter much when the case is so many years removed, and when the subject of that paper is such a slippery character to begin with. As bad as I felt for Randy, the kid who has the worst plight at this moment is Namond. Chalk me up as someone who is reading Alan’s fourth season reviews after watching the first three seasons this summer. Would be great if you could add an addendum to these You gonna look out for me?

The line about running for governor could have just been to mollify his new opponent, but that meeting with the DNC last week has given Tommy eyes bigger than his stomach. You have to get up early and work really hard to make yourself the worst parent in a scene involving Brianna, but I think she pulled it off. It’s cool how he used the real D’andre as Brother Mouzone’s side kick for two seasons and now he is using Tyreeka for season four And when she comes out to show her new prize to Chris, she tells him, “I’m in school, dawg” or, possibly, “I been schooled, dawg” — like I said, with Felicia Pearson, it’s hard to say. Donnelly’s advice too far and essentially blowing off Dukie when he came by? And despite the sales pitch to McNulty, Santangelo and the rest of the Western, I don’t know that he has the stones or political muscle to really do it. At the end of season one, he happily confessed to several murders he didn’t commit, partly out of self-preservation it likely spared him the death penalty , but mainly out of loyalty to Avon.

Definitely a no good deed goes unpunished situation: Anyway, I just read a section where he talked about how one of the detectives he observed worked previously as a guard for the mayor. However, if the spoilers are below the fold, I don’t think it matters if you post on Monday or Sunday. Bunny’s classroom continues the deconstruction of the corner lifestyle that the series began with Hamsterdam.


Whenever an interviewer suggests that Marlo is a sociopath, Simon always points to his loyalty to his people. Prop Joe, meanwhile, tries to school Andre, both on the fungibility of mid-level drug operators and the need to get the hell out of town.

And from the perspective of sfpinwall black cops, many of whom have working class roots and who have reached their newfound authority by having to eschew the temptations of the street and keep to a moral code, there is often, I have found, a contempt for the black underclass that some white cops would not dare exhibit. The morning before the day after Smith: Five years gone, and the reality of life in prison has made itself very apparent to him.

They kill anyone who even might be snitching, they don’t use phones, meet only in public places with guards who can spot anyone trying to plant another camera like Herc’s, and now they’re in the practice of disposing of every weapon used in any murder.

This isn’t prison; this is Hamsterdam. The need to fold the election story into the show proper instead of doing a separate miniseries gave short shrift to a number of regular characters, none moreso than the Major Crimes Unit itself. Don’t doubt me, boy.

The Return of Alan Sepinwall’s Writeups on The Wire

Sunday, November 19, The Wire, “Misgivings”: Mad Men Rankings Mad Men: That’s an awful lot to squeeze into 13 episodes, but Simon and sepinwaall have managed it. Season 4 better really, really live up to the hype or else you can expect a sternly-worded angry email from me, Mr.

I love wkre Jamie Hector just stand. Also, can anyone tell whether Cutty was watching “Soap” or “Benson” later on? But I’ve watched that sequence a half-dozen times and thought about it a lot as I watched the other 12 episodes, and I have several theories, any and all of which could be right or wrong: But as Butchie said shortly after flashing sepinwqll Randy-level smile while contemplating what his adopted son pulled off”This ain’t over.

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Michael’s finally found an adult man he can trust to protect him, and Cutty doesn’t want him there anymore.

Just sepinwqll to note that I’m one reader who watched last Monday On Demand.


You can’t pretend to speculate “I wonder what happens next” like you would normally. Teaching one thing, learning another: Sunday, October 08, The Wire, “Alliances”: Sunday, October 01, The Wire, “Refugees”: As for the issue of watching on demand, I was actually thinking for a while whether I’d wait a few weeks to watch a bunch of episodes one after the other on a weekend.

What’s Alan Watching?: The Wire season 4

He’s all talk and no action; when he picks the fight with Dookie about the seasob, you can tell he’s hoping someone will break it up, and when he spots Michael in trouble with the Terrace kids, he cuts and runs.

Thanks for doing this!

I’m not sure I can watch “Sesame Street” with my daughter anymore without cringing. I think a sort of closure with Cutty and Fruit actually came at the end of last season when Cutty stared him down wre he came to find his young boxing students.

There are two Baltimores two Americas, if you want seaxon get really poetic: Randy had the smile, the generosity of spirit and the work ethic. Has the healthiest home life of the four, thanks to a foster mother with a firm but caring hand.

On rematch noticed the animal control signs as far back as epi 1, season 1. I know that it’s Simon and Burns who come up with the arc of the season and Pelecanos who only serves as their hatchet man each year, but my connection to these characters is so strong that I start talking myself into a grudge against George for not standing up to sepinwqll bosses and trying to protect these innocents.

Cutty’s “Yo, boy, I love the women! Every other killing in this show’s history, no matter how heinous, at least served some purpose for the killer. Morning in Baltimore lasted, what, two weeks?