Is it really reference quality or is that just typical misrepresentative marketing? I promise to call my local dealer and tell them about your cables! What astounded me about the increased depth and width of the sound stage was how all of it was sonically portrayed. A true high-end product will let you hear the millions of tiny differences that exist in music and do so effortlessly. Their delicious system came within shouting distance of winning my “best sound at the show” designation. I have spent thousands on cables and audio gear and when I purchased the RCA Morpheus interconnects it literally transformed my system from top to bottom. The MII is a keeper, the speaker cable already sounding great.

The Silnote Morpheous II meets those criteria. Even with the convenience and improving sound-quality of digital systems, a surprising number of rooms offered analog front ends. Lo and behold, everything just opened up with plenty of sparkle. Don’t get me wrong: They compare favorably i. Presidents Day Sale Huge Savings! The Morpheus Reference II are outstanding:

I got these cables because I’m setting up a second system in my house, but it’s not set up yet. Sound is really excellent–very good highs, superb mids and lows– replaced silver and MIT cables. Peerlessly neutral, smooth and holographic, superbly detailed but never etched or bright, they reproduce the unique tonal shadings, dynamic gradations and overall slnote of any recording one cares to use with unflinching fidelity.

Williams and his wonderful products earn my highest recommendation. The Morpheus Reference II are outstanding: I guess I chose an “off” night and it worked out. Thanks so much Mark!

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Experience a top notch cable from a top notch company sklnote CEO. The bass was still there. You are the KING of cable. On the other hand, with a more naturally balanced recording, say Charles Ives: It features a unique design that offers a most glorious and natural mid-range along with speed, transparency, and well extended bass. What was it that made them sound so amazing that day? Mark is an excellent communicator, responds without delay and delivers quickly.


They represent the latest thinking of an engineer who truly cares about the way music sounds and should sound when reproduced in the home ; and who is, paradoxically, perhaps a bit too self-effacing aaudio his mirpheus good that’s a compliment, by the way. Dynamics too, from soft to loud, are handled with aplomb. Peerlessly neutral, yet smooth and detailedthey reproduced the unique tonal shadings, dynamic gradations and overall gestalt of any recording I threw their way with unflinching fidelity.

It had apparently never crossed his mind to seek out aggressively reviews from some of the high end rags. I got auio cables because I’m setting up a second system in my house, but it’s not set up yet.

Silnote Audio Cables

I tried the Poseidon AC power cables even though I have been a power cable skeptic and must admit I have the darkest background and improved imaging that I never thought was possible.

The little bells and the shaker were for lack of a silnpte word; REAL. I cant wait for it to fully break-in. The importance of accurately capturing the impact of that initial transient, both dynamically and temporally, cannot be overstated. It reproduces dynamics and musical textures with great naturalness and ease.

The Poseidon Signatures’ disappeared: But honestlywhen I have changed components for better ones, I have heard this improvement to a degree but not so dramatic. Silnote Audio cables have received rave reviews and recognition all over the world. How was it possible they could be producing this profound effect? Beautiful and accentuated cymbal nuance and the bottoms of the toms and kick sound like controlled cannons. I promise to call my local dealer and tell them about your cables!


I know of no better value cable at any Price.

Look for rrca review over the next several months. With lesser components, including cables, these temporal distortions or perhaps “inter-temporal” is more accurate result in a reproduced sound seties both knowledgeable and novice listeners describe as homogenous, overly-smooth, and lacking in detail and air. While most companies typically showcase their new product releases at either the Munich or CES shows, there were several noteworthy debuts in Chicago.

With apologies to those I might have missed, there were some impressive introductions in my large category.

Quite musical and completely satisfying. It improved the sound of my audio system significantly. A pleasure to do business with. More presence and meat but without crowding I thought someone would outbid me and am very surprised to have won them at the agreed price. Silnte are great and so is he!


The iu and most important testing is accomplished from hours of listening to each individual design we create. Best Sound cost no object: It was crazy how the Poseidon Signatures disappeared and just got out of the way of the music.

Also, this cable calls itself “reference”. It was one of the best sounds of audiio show. Not too bright; just right! Make sure you snap them up at these fantastic prices! My room exploded with the all the excitement this piece has to offer without the over emphasis and edginess in the upper registers.