Wikisimpsons has a Discord server! Bart struggles to adjust to life attached to his sister: Moe and Margarete are soon wed and when they return to their trailer, Homer sneaks in and slips poison into Moe’s wine glass. Channel 6 ‘s Arnie Pye ‘s weather-report helicopter flies overhead and Bart’s kite and the ‘copter intertwine. New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation rentals and more virtually anywhere in Winnipeg. This helps and the two develop a new-found appreciation for one another and brings them closer together. David Hinckley of the New York Daily News gave “Treehouse of Horror XXIV” three stars out of five, writing that “‘Treehouse of Horrors’ remains an honorable tradition, and if nothing else, it reminds fans that they don’t have to wait for South Park to get some good old-fashioned animated mayhem.

He presents the performers to the townsfolk: Toyota, Honda, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, Nissan and itYes, like all used car loans through the dealer this program does have administration fees which are built into your down payment. The episode was written by Jeff Westbrook and directed by Rob Oliver. The Science of Evil P. Bart has spent his day flying a kite near the Springfield Airport with Milhouse and with the sun setting, he decides to take a nap. The children are alarmed at those events and manage to elude him with the aid of several monstruous animals; a “Three-Humped Gumbammel” a Barney Gumble -esque camel who is real fast and humble, doesn’t take tips and is never a grumbler , a “Krustiferous Krumbull” a Krusty -esque bull , and finally, the Spanish-speaking “Bee-Men of Bumble” a human-sized Bumblebee Man -esque bee with multicolored stripes on his body. The following day, at a local saw mill, Bart straps him and Lisa who is still asleep down onto a piece of wood and waits until the saw cuts Lisa’s head-off, leaving him still attached, and subsequently permanently in-control of her body. That plotting happens, thenthe scene then cuts to the present, where it is revealed that the whole story was told by this version of Homer of how he met Marge.

The clouds are gray. At their wedding reception, the other “freaks” announce that they accept Marge in spite of her being a “normal” outsider even though Marge claims she is a moea because she has one blue eye and one pale brown eye. Episode Information Episode Number: Club gave the episode a B, saying, “After the season-opening Homeland parody storyline in last week’s episode and a “Treehouse of Horror” for its second, we have yet to see exactly what this season has going for it as The Simpsons soldiers on for its 25th season, as these premise-heavy episodes haven’t left much room for character.


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The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes. He wins her over and she agrees. New York Daily News.

The cat then dies with the words “I’m frightened of nothing, not even hell-fires. The episode as a whole received generally positive reviews, while Del Toro’s opening sequence was critically acclaimed. It originally simpsona on the Fox network in the United States on October 6, He ends up robbing Apublowing up Mr.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. While, Lisa is attached to Krusty. An Unexpected Journey The Hobbit: When Homer, as the cat, is killed, he requests that he not be portrayed by actor Mike Myers. Al Jean announced in an interview that the episode would include “a very violent world resembling Dr.

Burnsum ‘s circus – ” The Burnsum and Bailey Circus ” – visits town. David Hinckley of the New York Daily News gave “Treehouse of Horror XXIV” three stars out of five, writing that “‘Treehouse of Horrors’ gegensand an honorable tradition, and if nothing else, it reminds fans that they don’t have to wait for South Park to get some good old-fashioned animated mayhem.

The episode’s couch gagconceived by film director Guillermo del Torois a mash-up of horror movies and TV shows, including all of del Toro’s own films, ending with Lisa falling through the couch, dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderlandand getting brainwashed by The Hypnotoad from Simpsonwthen happening upon a palace room in a send-up of the end of Pan’s Labyrinth.

Burnsum show them some respect. We have created this page for those who gegendtand not sure what inhouse financing gevenstand, or have some questions about how inhouse financing works.

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Retrieved 6 October Hibbertwho reminds Lisa that she maintains full-control of her body, allowing her to do whatever she wants to Bart’s head. New article from the Springfield Shopper: In s Springfieldland, Mr. The kids realize they must escape from their psychotic guide and so they hop on a three-humped gumbammel Barneythen a Krumbull Krusty – which ultimately simpons beheaded by Sideshow Bob – and then fly back home on the large Bee-Man of Bumble Bumblebee Man.


Seuss parodies The Simpsons season 25 episodes Treehouse of Horror series Gwgenstand television episodes. This page was last edited on 30 Januaryat Retrieved from ” https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Treehouse of Horror Episode. Bart then turns and sees a maniacally-grinning Stephen Kingwho has been writing the same thing all over the classroom walls. We know that you have high expectations, and as a car dealer we enjoy the challenge of meeting and exceeding those standards each and every time.

When the logo is zoomed into, it is struck by lightning and crumbles. Bart struggles to adjust to life attached to his sister: After knocking Grampawho threatens to fight, unconscious with his gadget-riddled umbrella, the Fat in the Hat and the children head out. The episode received 6.

However, their psychotic guide is waiting inside for them when they get home and gloats that he will never leave them right before baby Maggie stabs the Cat in the chest hreehouse his own umbrella.

They emerge from the shadows with hammers and knives shouting “One of us! That night, Bart discovers that, while she is asleep, he has control over Lisa’s body. May 4, ; 8: At a s’ circus, the self-serving strongman Homer gets his lover trapeze artist Marge to marry sideshow freak Moe after learning of the emerald ring he inherited from his mother on her death bed.

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Both of them, however, ultimately end up beheaded. Though the two eventually get along, Bart learns that he can control Lisa’s body while she hodror unconscious and resolves to get rid of her to have total control.

Rob Oliver Guillermo del Toro only opening sequence. Page Discussion Simpsohs this page History. Bart awakens in a hospital bed and exclaims, “I’m alive. However, instead of helping the children get their treats, he takes them on a casual rampage of death and destruction: Just don’t let me ever be played by Mike Myers.