Actually, it is a very coomon problem for actors – I remember cringing about a supposedly German character played by a British actor who sounded SO awful. The only difference is that In-hwa did it within her own class, thus with greater financial security should her scheme fail. The anachronism you speak of is probably there to amp up the narrative tension of this and countless other dramas but you raise an interesting point. Cha, whose real name is Cha Seung-jo, harbors a petty side and is determined to get back at the people who have hurt him in the past. Cha Seung-jo also moves to the same neighborhood where Seo Yoon-joo is living. Sadly, this drama did not live up to my initial expectations, but worth the watch for Yoon-Joo alone.

Kind of like she figured there was room for only one “princess”. It made us think about who really is the villain, and who really is the hero. Seo Yoon-joo pays an unexpected visit to Han Se-kyung’s house. Even though dramas and books are mostly fiction, it doesn’t mean it has to be easy to understand. It pulled me out of the drama every time because all I could think of was how extremely cold the actors must be. Anyway, thanks for your analysis Betsy Hp! How it questioned and invited us all to ponder on social disparities and what loving someone truly means. Returning to her company, she finds shockingly that the head lady is Seo Yoon-joo, who is her high school rival.

And with a family such as hers it is no wonder that IH is the way she is. This week they had to speak a lot of Chinese and actors were dubbed. I might re-watch those episodes where he dances and those cute moments of his.

[sinopsis] Cheongdam-dong Alice () | a little book of my life story..

I looked up “buffalaxed” and ended up in stitches from seriously uncontrollable laughter! Her mentor should have had her own little aspect of the thematic foil. Daughters are nice because the family can ‘sell’ them off to mid level cheobols for future power and money.


Well, the money spent on that and her effort paid off, because not only does she sing well in English, but her diction is also good when she speaks normal conversations, interviews. The two of them have remembered what they said to each other on that night.

It took me a while to realize that, but it also made me appreciate this drama even more, and appreciate what the writer was doing. I am just curious, I don’t doubt that you would know such a fact. She was cute and annoying in her last drama, a proper bitch in Cinderella sister The only epissode where one would speak French in Canada would be in Quebec.

I love Korean history and languages. This whole business of gold-diggers vs. A handsome version of HaHa? She takes the piece of information that Seo Yoon-jo has married in France and goes to threaten her.

You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. There are ten candidates for a new entry level position that Seung-jo will erama to interview, and he gives him a portfolio.

In Hwa is getting to be a pain in the b How to get to the phone!? And as the economic elite of korea, they are ultra educated, and at times, cheongdamdonb with the mindset of marrying for business reasons. I like yoon joo, but i feel it is a bit overdramatic, that or maybe she feels that her husband didn’t marry her out of love but to have that feminine touche.

Although, I had been expecting betrayal for a while. Are we happy now? For me, cheongdamdony biggest flaw was the flimsy ‘lie’ that seemed to be carrying the entire drama.


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And of course Park Shi Hoo was adorable as always. But she ruined this drama for me.

At least, that’s how I perceive it. But this is just my opinion so pls don’t kill me, folks. Thanks for the recaps. She gives Seung-jo a stern look and forces him to apologize, leaving him no choice but to listen to his lady love. I also got really surprised when you wrote: I enjoy reading it a lot. Han Se-kyung goes and visits her.

They also might not be paid much, who knows about the working conditions said to be worse than in the US, for example etc Mystisith January 15, at 4: It was a well-deserved and gratifying in-your-FACE moment. Nope — Se-kyung came to break up. She then writes a letter to Secretary Jin that she likes him. Being part of cheongdamodng.

I don’t question MGY’s effort and hard work, even in learning her lines in French. Hubbie at least should’ve forgiven and moved on.

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Cheongdamdogn personally prefer this episode better than ep Korean, but actually doesn’t speak the language was laughingly horrible. She bumps into her sister-in-law at the elevator. Han Se-kyung has written a letter to the president of Artemis about she has to break up with So In-chan because of their financial situation. Buying the painting would allow Il-nam to give money without getting rejected.