I watched this show with the entire family too. Sami had amazing chemistry with both girls, but I loved mehjabeen! It’s time to say goodbye Sirat -e- Mustaqeem. It was so sad, but brilliant! Polio makes comeback in Venezuela after decades. What do you think the reason is?

What is Operating System. I was kind of hoping that he would realize what his father was trying to tell him. It was very interesting to happen and so that I do not want to miss a single second of the entire episode. About US Submit a review. Knowing Sarwat Nasir wrote this I have high hopes. Start your free trial. Audible Download Audio Books.

There were also a lot of conflict and tension between the families featured in this episode. So the time has come. Powered by WordPress Back to Top. Laaj Last Episode Review. I felt sad for Abida. I found the story kind of different and interesting. I really like that about mushaqeem game.


There was an attachment with all the characters. My pleasure and thank you for writing the finale with me: Rabia -x bold and courageous decision but then feelings of guiltfeelings of guilt for not getting Mustaqeem his sistersquiet anger Haji Sahaball of it was just great! Cyber Security Wing to curb feview terrorism threats.


Mann Pyasa — Episode — 27 — October 31…. AI better at finding skin cancer than doctors. Everyone did such a good job.

Sirat E Mustaqeem Episode 7 Review – Chillelife

His love for mehjabeen was beautiful without any over affectionate scenes that would look forced. I watched Sirat Mustaqeem -e- for the past few weeks even though I did not consider it. He was an unforgettable character and I loved watching him fight whatever life threw at him, never losing his honor and dignity in the process.

It had a completely different feel. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system. This is one of my favorite dramas of Sami Khan. You could actually feel what they felt. Again a lot has happened.

Sirat E Mustaqeem Episode 7 Review

Hoping for this one to be just as brilliant but in a different way. Something important about episode 6 so unfortunately Rufi and Abida same marry.

Mustaqeem had come to an understanding about his life and Haji Sahab now only mustaqeme what was best for his son and would not heed to his daughters wishes. Again Rabia conflict has been shown very brilliantly.


Sirat E Mustaqeem Episode 1 Review – Chillelife

Flying car startup backed d Google founder offers test flights. How about you Maria? In the last few episodes Sirat -e- Mustaqeem left me with mixed feelings for many characters. He was a sweet, simple man who dreamt big but didn’t know how to reach his goals.

About US Submit a review. There is something called self-respect!

It was so sad, but brilliant! I would Ibtasam and Rabia, to get married but not revied AI better at finding skin cancer than doctors. Start your free trial. They must understand that they need money too.

Thanks for being my humsafar on it Ghada. He saved Mustaqeem from falling into the same fate s he had been for a long time.