Later, Tomoki hides in his room and puts the final touches on his “summer project”, a massive network of periscopes which allows him to peek at girls all over town. He encounters the Harpies , who have a hold of Sohara, but since he has the Dive Game on a time limit, Sugata and Sohara return to their world safe and sound. Later, Astraea challenges Tomoki in a dummy rematch, but ends up bonding with him from the games, and feels accepted at their barbecue. However, when the questions shift to ecchi school girl trivia such as Sohara’s measurements and other girls’ panty colors, Tomoki catches up to Nymph. Email Required, but never shown. A confused Tomoki, after meeting back with his friends, decides to look for her. Tomoki invites the gang to a water park where he peeps on the girls, who cannot swim to retaliate. With a ten million yen prize, Tomoki debuts as Mask DuPants, much to the guys’ cheers and the girls’ jeers.

This page was last edited on 4 February , at Retrieved September 4, Nymph, who is irritated by his lechery and dislike for small chests, uses a device to enhance her age; Ikaros incinerates his magazines; and Astraea transforms into a dirty magazine. LipazJ LipazJ 1 2. Just as she is about to carry out her order, Tomoki stops her and asks whether she will do the bidding of the Master or find the strength to choose her own destiny. Ikaros receives a farewell letter where Tomoki proposes to her.

Could you kindly add a source otoshimon support your answer? Tomoki soon finds himself hunted by many of the local townsfolk wanting the ten million yen prize, until Sugata and Mikako snipe them. After Tomoki tells Ikaros to act more human, she overhears a couple talk about lying as being human, so she proceeds to tell her friends the opposite of what she means, leaving Tomoki and Sohara depressed.

Nymph hacks Tomoki’s memories so he forgets how to swim. At science class, Ikaros shows up as a guest teacher, with the subject of flying, while Sugata and Mikako sit in on the fun. Ikaros stops the executioner with a brief display of her power.

He flies for a moment before crashing to the ground. When the Master orders her to kill Ikaros instead, she flies to the scene, but she breaks the otowhimono and faces Chaos to a death match. She tells herself that she hurt Ikaros and that she cannot sadden the lives of Tomoki and Ikaros anymore.


After getting severely beaten by Sohara, Tomoki has to clean sorz entire bathhouse. Retrieved October 27, At dusk, while the surviving girls relax at the hot springs, the boys appear to have the advantage, until the popular boys rebel by freeing the captured girls, and Tomoki’s team must face the wrath of the “Abominable Snow-hara Man”.

Sora no Otoshimono episode 10 part 1/2

Tomoki’s high school is having a cultural festival with a rich private high school. The girls get revenge by pretending to strip outside. Afterwards, Mikako awards the prize to Tomoki, but he must fight for the World Title against Judaswho was the shooting range man from the previous year.

Tomoki recalls when Sohara was practicing breaking slabs and he pulled her pants down revealing a cute print of puppies, which fueled Sohara into breaking the slabs easily.

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Reika Itten’yondo no Kassen ” Japanese: The next morning, Tomoki finds they are on a plane to an uninhabited island as an alternative punishment instituted by Mikako. Tomoki returns and tells the Angeloids to live and that he will be the master for Nymph and Astraea. Sugata asks her to set up the Dive Game portal for some quick visits to Synapse, but during one of the trips, Nymph is pulled away for a date by Tomoki, leaving Sugata about to be attacked by the Harpies, until Animeulima pulls him out.

Later, Tomoki hides in his room and puts the final touches on his “summer project”, a massive network of periscopes which allows him to peek at girls all over town.

Sora no Otoshimono episode 10 part 1/2 – video dailymotion

Ikaros replies it is okay because Tomoki will always be her master. Tomoki Sakurai has another dream where the mysterious angel warns him of another Angeloid, and, after revealing the information to his otoshlmono, Nymph uses a program called the Dive Game which enables them to revisit the dreams.

Sugata then brings up the “legendary fish”, one whose measurements are still growing. Sugata then duels Mikako with pistols to a draw, until Ikaros arrives and guns everyone down.

Lists of anime episodes Japanese television seasons Japanese television seasons. Sugata goes to the meadow where the cherry blossom is and recalls when Ikaros arrived, associating the giant monolithic column with similar shaped pillars. Also calling it Ikaros and Nymph’s first birthday, Tomoki tells the Anlmeultima they can stay with him, and he surprises them with orange seeds.


While Mikako steps aside, taking Ikaros and Nymph, to search for a hot springs, Tomoki and animeultija boys stage an assault on the strongest girl on the team, which is not Astraea but Sohara.

Tomoki and his friends enter and find themselves in Eishiro Sugata ‘s world, which is an adventure with dinosaurs and rolling boulders, while Mikako Satsukitane ‘s world takes place in a war zone.

The opening theme for the first season is “Ring My Bell” by Blue Drops, consisting of singers Hitomi Yoshida and Ikaros Saori Hayamiwhile multiple ending themes were used for each episode aired.

Nymph, first deciding to kidnap Tomoki, who is busy peeping on a couple making out, ends up working with him to raise money by opening a flea market booth with different ideas, none of which work at all.

Tomoki has a dream where Daedalus warns him of another Angeloid, who then interrupts the communication and chokes Ikaros.

After Tomoki is released, Nymph states the date should end with a kiss, but while Nymph goes ahead to get a kiss from Tomoki, Ikaros, unable to bear the sight of that, flies away stating that her reactor was in pain.

Ikaros cracks anmeultima smile for the first time in her life.

Defeating the master of Synapse Mikako is an goddess? Ikaros enjoys herself but is fearful of how Tomoki would react if he knew the other side of her. After Sohara leaves, Tomoki loudly remarks how stupid Sohara was for not noticing his network.

Nymph feels a bit unneeded without a master to follow, even though she is as free as a bird. Things return to normal, with Nymph restoring Ikaros’s memories, and Tomoko later teaches Ikaros bathroom etiquette.