First there was the dental incident. While Reynold does this very quickly, Malcolm takes too long in this process and gets irreversibly behind the the relay race. Her eyes are puffy but the storm has passed. Season 26 Episode 8. This first heat for Reynold was a joke. A crazy tribal council. The immunity challenge takes place in two heats.

Dawn’s breakdown and Malcolm’s fireworks. The Three Amigos were all safe. Finally, the Three Amigos do something that fans have been wanting to happen for the so long, a complete and total game shake up. Malcolm reaches into a rock and finds the idol right in front of Dawn and Andrea, so now it looks like Eddie will go home! Because she had a retainer with teeth on it for her bottom teeth and it fell in the water and she could not find them! Reynold knows people wanted him out and he was the biggest threat, but he has the power now and he wants Phillip out. The rope they used to pull themselves along meant the challenge was actually more about strength than swimming ability.

Posted by Colin J at 7: It turns out that Dawn lost her retainer and will pull herself from the game unless she finds it, are you kidding me?

Home Article Survivor recap: Please follow and like us: Everything is calm at the beginning, with everyone expecting the removal of Eddie including Eddie himself.

Clearly something was about to go down, and it was about to go down dirty.

A voluntarily sit-out during an immunity challenge. The Voice Spoilers: No one sees this coming, not even members of Malcolm’s alliance. Here we go…the castaways come back from Tribal Council and everyone is squandering on who to kick out already. Did Brenda do it out of a general humanity and kindness for survvivor friend in trouble, or was it calculated?

She could finally decide to realign with Reynold and Eddie and try to make a play for the endgame. And then talk of the immunity idol began. And this was a stressful episode! She acted like she was crossing a bridge of toothpinks in stiletto caraman, but she was running across some relatively wide planks in sneakers.


Unfortunately for Malcolm, Andrea and Dawn are right there with him as caramon finds the idol. Although he had very little chance of winning, Phillip must try for immunity at this part of the game.

Survivor recap: Stealth Was Him

Erik voted for Phil? New alliance of five right now? Cochran revealed that Reynold was the target number one. Available For Streaming Durvivor. Malcolm and Erik get started and Erik finishes first, but Malcolm is in the pit trying to find all the bags and put them caramon one area. If she joined the Amigos with Erik and Sherri, the 6-bloc could take over the game. This is a lot of time under the water and running, so these people are going to be real tired!

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Malcolm really likes cocktails. Time for the Immunity Challenge, this one is physical. I woulda stuck with the plan. In the final round, players had to go through the steps five times. Cha right, says a black fuzzy monkey-cat hanging out in a tree.

This is kind of awesome. Hmm, could that be foreshadowing? Malcolm had nothing left. Really, she is at the bottom no matter which side she chooses and in that regard, it might just be better to stick with the Favorites because a majority of them will be on the jury and backstabbing them will result in a guaranteed loss.

Phillip tells Andrea that Dawn is out of control, while Dawn goes to speak to Cochran and tells him that she is unstable and thinks that she needs time alone.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Purple is dirty at this. Reynold, Andrea, Brenda, Malcolm and Eddie make it and are in the final round, they now have to retrieve five rings, this is really mentally and physically challenging.


If anything, it only delayed the inevitable and, in fact, made the Favorites alliance even stronger as they have now lost the only member who was driving them apart. That was so insane!!!

CDL is expanding again and looking for talented She is convinced that Andrea is going to flip with Malcolm and the guys and vote Caarmoan out. I woulda been stupid then.

Erik makes a smart play, bringing up the concern that episoee 3 dudes might not play their idols. I know the heats were drawn randomly, but their lopsidedness kind of took the suspense out of most of the Immunity Challenge. Oh, by the way, you have DAWN.

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With that being said, I still think her better move is sticking with Cochran, Dawn, Andrea, Sherri and Erik because she could mop eoisode floor with them at individual immunities whereas she would have a much harder time beating the other guys. Anyone quitting a challenge usually gets voted out. Brenda saves the day, she dives into the water and finds the retainer. Available For Streaming On.

Survivor Caramoan 2013 Recap: Episode 10 – Shocking Tribal Council

The fireworks take off with surely one of the greatest tribal councils of all time. Dawn in this episode, guys. Malcolm announced revieww the Three Amigos would be voting for Phillip, because he sucks all the fun out of Survivor.