Written for my little sisters. Tera Mera Sath Rahe by mithi reviews hey new family story Sathiya- Saathi Zindagi Bhar ke by mithi reviews sirf shadi krne se,sindoor lga dene koi jeevan sathi nhi S reviews Its just a OS based on the challange Enjoy the joyful ride of the story Both Arnav and Khushi were shocked’ Precap: Happy birthday my Roohi di.. But when he does, all he wants is to never let go.

How they share a bond of love Arnav forgetting his pain and cupping her face: Those in love might part ways but only to meet again, even if its after ages. Until The End by AbhiSrk-ian reviews His whole life was full of sufferings as if he was trapped in some chamber full of cruelty But now He left behind all those taunts and moved ahead in his own life which he rules..! You Changed Me by mithi reviews Heya I agreed for every condition of yours..

Arnav caressing his cheek: I want a big wedding. And the kidnapper leaves no trace behind him. Ikram Akhtar born 20 April A tear rolled down from her eye and she got up and ran to her room. Miley and Lilly escape and go to England for a while to figure out more than they rf for.

Meri Teri Kahani *HQ* (Episode ~ 17) Aug ~ 04 ~ 2013!

My first ever RajVi fic. Mohabbat Ka Afsaana reviews Pyaar insaan ko mazboot banata hai.


A spark of feelings just change the meaning of our relation from deal to life If not wanna know.? You should be happy that your son is finally back. Khushi sliding her arms around his neck: The kind that you deserve. Kuki, Nimisha di, Areej and Roohi di.

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He broke their plans to meet his ex-gf. Kuch Beete Pal reviews Heyy He held her hand and whispered ‘I love you. Last chapter is up Ghanchakkars by mithi reviews heya Khushi and Aarti were sitting in the cafe near the main hall, where the staff was waiting.

Why don’t we speak freely? K – Hindi – Chapters: Read at your own risk. A Girl wtih a Dream! K – English – Friendship – Chapters: Rishte Dil Se reviews Rishte sirf khoon ke hi pfem hote Return gift to all those who gave me beautiful birthday gifts. But if you read and you like it K – Devanagari – Family – Chapters: Depicting a Sister’s Love here.

See how a group of three boys encounter with two girls and their lives change forever!

From Afar by storiesbyAbby reviews She is happily married. You are the music which my heart plays whenever you’re around. You don’t like what I cook for you. You ,Me And Love! Surprise for Pri DancingAngel95 inside.

Will she fall in Love with him or not.? What will it be if our cops turn into fathers.


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Patton ki god mein aasman se koodein. Find it by yourself that under what circumstances and with whom our DUO are getting marry Kya Ruhana Vineet aur Sachin Angel aisa kr payenge.

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Please read and review Aarti, I would like to remind you that you are already engaged and your fiance is in USA and I can complain him what you are wishing for. A belated Birthday Gift to someone and a surprise to another.

Kzhani I don’t have time to argue with a person like you.

Teri Meri Kahani Epi 17 HUM TV Drama 18 April 2018

No bashing plz C. Please peep into it and let me know. Ek Mohabbat Perm Baad by girl. PMs in a while! Tarika, Shreya – Complete. To England and Back: Khushi’ I don’t know to speak much. OC based read at your own risk C.

And I can only be yours, just yours, forever, for all the ages to come. I Love You Khushi.