Areth readily accedes to her human brother sitting on the throne, but is in some disfavor for her low-class military pursuits and her lesbian ways. Characters in The First Law had real depth, and development, whereas many of the players in A Land Fit for Heroes seemed to have the depth of a piece of cardboard. They encounter Egar at an inn and his presence leads Ringil to turn against Seethlaw. I just don’t understand this editing choice or convention, or maybe it was the author’s choice. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I love the world Morgan has built, exploring the idea that sufficiently advanced tech might be indistinguishable from magic. Return to Book Page.

Homecoming published monthly in was followed by a second, Black Widow: They learn the Empire is now at war with a coalition of trader nations, the League, which the dwenda are corrupting for their task of world domination. Sep 30, Elar rated it really liked it Shelves: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I found this book to be the most emotional of the 3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway.

The dark defiles (Book, ) []

His characters aren’t hero’s, they’re survivors I found the idea of a conspiracy to put Archeth on the throne less interesting than the author did. Morgan never managed to get me fully involved with them as he did in the first, and to some extent the second, book. Whenever Ringil is killing slavers, insulting dwenda, or murdering the hell out of people like an NC rated version of the Punisher–the book is very good.

I particularly enjoyed the political intrigue, the focus on the pitfalls of transition after a victorious war, the reflection on people chained down by social mores and their own competence; I also appreciated the sci-fi touches, the many quotable passages and the overarching drama. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Ringil is a homosexual, as dwfiles Archeth who is also black skinned and the last remaining member of deifles alien race. What would you do for money, for food? The series has been a fun ride, and this was easily the best so far. Our trio of anti-heroes is now aware that the antics they have been part of are not some random skirmishes but a prelude to the end of the world.


Richard K. Morgan

Who knows, I might come back to him in the detiles. Cover of the first British hardcover edition. Oh, and spoilers below the cut but not a great many! The ending did not let me down. No trivia or quizzes yet. Main characters’ characteristics were little bit too similar to each other, there could have been more diversity. Do not expect your favorite characters to escape unscathed. What synosis it Arthur Clarke said about magic? How does it feel?

But after a couple of weeks, I was still missing this world. Nonetheless, I liked it.

There’s a constant feeling as if you’ve missed a chapter, but it’s so fucking defils that you’re all but clamouring to start the series all over again. Characters in The First Law had real depth, and development, whereas many of the players in A Land Fit for Heroes seemed to have the depth of a piece of cardboard. See all 5 questions about The Dark Defiles…. Which is funny when it’s a chapter or deflies and boring when it’s most of the book.

A Land Fit For Heroes was originally the working title of the first volume, and was retained as the series title after first Morgan and the UK publisher, and then the US publisher, decided to use the current title The Steel Remains. One long, rambling and vague to avoid spoilers review ahead. The series wasn’t full enough of mysterious creatures and rivalries and human politics and physical wars sefiles rivalries, so let’s toss in a few more things to confuse everyone?

I’ve been a fan of Morgan since Takeshi Kovaks, so full disclosure, i’d probably read his alphabet soup.

a writer’s vanity

Ringil is an especially egregious example of this trope, though Archeth also is a beneficiary. The final part of Richard Morgan’s fast-moving and brutal fantasy brings Ringil to his final reckoning and sees the world tipping into another war with the dragon folk. Reveals are fun but there has to have been some hints, some build up so you can feel in on the reveal, be amazed by how cool it was and how all of the pieces came together to form such a cool puzzle.


Do you think they could stand to have you in their midst—a bloody-handed monster, a living, breathing reminder of all they do not appreciate or understand? This is not a bad book.

All are in early stages of harnessing magical powers or magically enhanced weapons. Changing all of the rules and switching up all of the explanations for your mystical elements isn’t fun. The most disappointing thing is that most of dafk mysteries in the story end up falling by defioes wayside or dismissed with unsatisfying explanations.

Did I find the ending satisfying? Archived from the original PDF on 6 October Your request to send this item has been completed.

It could be that I had too high expectations. Starting as a personal quest first bookonly to turn into possible fight for the fate of the Empire and possibly the world second bookI expected the trilogy to end with the big bang. That is what Morgan writes.

El final me ha parecido soberbio, muy Niebla de Unamuno salvando las distancias y no, no es porque Ringil hable con Morgan, no fefiles un spoiler. I had to stop dari recover from time to time. There is less weight to it in the end than in all your boyhood fantasies of a life with the gypsies, out on the marsh at Trelayne.

The action is unrelenting and the books are entertaining. But the SF links violence and power at once to evolutionary-psychology-type explanations, AND to the particular ways that “human nature” is modulated, altered, and controlled under the harshness of neoliberal capitalism. I was engaged and I had fun, so the point is probably moot.

Morgan handles ghe and sorcery as well as This is a review of the Land Fit for Heroes series, so some spoilers follow.