Izzy appears in “Suckers Punched”, still dressed in a spider costume. Although she has a polite exterior and a well-intentioned nature, Scarlett is also shown to be very crafty, and can easily manipulate other people with her superior brain power. This page was last edited on 24 February , at He isn’t seen leaving the island, so his fate is unknown. He wears navy blue ankle-length overalls with yellow buckles, a stomach pocket, side pockets, and light blue bottom edges over a white shirt with gray streaks covering his neck and red and white sneakers. However, she is very friendly and respectful to others, and makes up for her bossiness using her rodeo and bullfighting prowess to win her team the most challenges.

People didn’t realize that he was mean until the end of the series. This was the first time a cast member mentioned a fifth season to the public. She also refuses to take responsibility over her own failures, placing the blame on someone else whenever something goes amiss and viewing them inferior. In the end, she chose Scott. Nah, I can’t, making a video. Bahia Watson began voicing her in Total Dramarama. I was born first, and Samey has been coming in last ever since, just like everybody else! Total Drama is a Canadian animated comedy television series that began airing on Teletoon in in Canada and on Cartoon Network in in the United States.

Disqualified [e] 8th place.

See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for suggestions. Aucition thank the selection community for their time. Coconut makes a brief cameo in the intro of every episode. He wears a white auditiin top, long dark blue ankle-length pants, a dark grey belt with a silver buckle, and brown shoes. Voiced by Christopher Jacot. Leonard The Role-Playing Wizard – A live-action role-playing geek, Leonard believes he is a real wizard and has magic powers.

I just KNOW you’ll get it.

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Jasmineknown as the outback survivalist[50] is an excessively tall Aboriginal Australian girl, who is tough and commandeering. It’s an all-new season in an all-new location: In each episode, the two teams participate in a challenge, in which one or more campers can win invincibility auddition their team. After the merge, she goes as far to resort to cheating, despite playing fair most of the season. Villains ” theme take after respective seasons from Survivor.


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Initially he was quite timid and cowardly, and was tormented by several bullies on the show, however he later learns to stand up for himself and prevails against them all. Villains” and that both the original and the new cast would compete together, [67] but it wasn’t until December 19, when Tom McGillis confirmed on ABC3 Australia that the theme for this season will indeed be “Heroes vs.

In Season 5, Scott returned as member of the Villainous Vultures, serving as the comic relief of the season. Revenge of the Islandbegan airing inand was the first season to feature an entirely new set of contestants. He has fair skin, freckles, orange hair, and a large cleft chin. She considers herself to be far more superior over everyone else, including her own twin sister, Samey. Retrieved 22 July This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat But one thing’s for sure, it’s true love!

Voiced by Emilie-Claire Barlow. Owen was the last character to be seen in the season. Despite nearly constantly in a great mood and open to doing whatever it takes to cheer somebody up, she finally unleashes a violent side when she is pushed around to no end throughout the next season. But one thing’s for sure, it’s true love! I know right now you’re probably saying, mockingly “We’ve got plenty of evil on our show. Sugar is used to the life of competition and beauty, and has exhibited impressive game strategies despite her lack of brainpower and difficulty of distinguishing fact from fiction.

On February 1,Christian Potenza released a new video that contains several new information about Total Drama All-Starsincluding season episode titles, new voice actors, and plot information. And not by me!


Revenge of the Island. He is very mean, sneaky, and a liar who does whatever dirty deed it takes to win.

He thinks the whole world around him is a large video game, and references various real-life elements to his games. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Just In All Stories: His tactic in Total Drama: Amy believes she is the smarter one because of this, and thinks Samey is doing everything wrong. Beardo Chef Hatchet 6 Leonard. At the beginning of the competition, the fourteen campers are evenly placed into two teams which are themed to the genre of the competition.

Rodney The Lumberjack Loverboy – A lumberjack boy who is a hopeless romantic with a confusing attraction to girls, but can be very sweet, caring, and considerate of others.

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Sky The Wild Chick hotal An aspiring jungle queen raised in the wilderness, Sky is definitely in touch with her feral personality and thinks of herself drrama a wild animal. However, he starts a romantic relationship with Ella and generally means well to other people’s feelings, with the exception of Sky’s fantasizing romance with him where he persistently declines a relationship to the point of harshly rejecting her, becoming even further disgusted when he learns that she forgotten about her boyfriend back home, unknowingly cheating on him with her insane infatuation for Dave.

I should warn you, I am evil. This voice actor is credited for their appearance. Though she is doing this as a desperate sqmey to achieve her goal of becoming a great scholar, Scarlett however does feel guilty about it and considers calling off her cheating and split the money with the other contestants.