He says I m supporting you. They start the journey again. Lavanya says what are you wearing Anshuman. Anshuman says its a challenge from her. Lavanya asks Anshuman to be careful and avoid Pakhi. Pakhi asks Maa ji will Anshuman come for lunch.

Pakhi sees the big bathroom. The light comes on Pakhi and everyone claps for her. Sign in Recover your password. Lavanya panics and tries to call Anshuman. Anshuman thanks everyone and says about fulfilling his commitments. A password will be e-mailed to you. Girish says lets go now.

He says maybe I have to think of some plan to get rid of her and send her away from myself. Pakhi sees the house and the decorative pieces. She opens her bag and prays to an idol. Anshuman introduces Pakhi as his wife.

He says I m sure she will take care of the house. She looks at him. They get closer and he says look Pakhi, I did not hide anything from you, Lavanya does tumhaari like you, she did not want me to bring you here. Welcome, Login to your account. Lavanya says whats this. Pakhi says I will have tea.

Paakhi reaches Singapore

He asks Maa ji to support Pakhi pakyi leaves for his meeting. Like 0 Dislike 0. Maa ji is making a plan against Pakhi as she is not the one to rule over the house.

Anshuman thanks everyone and says about fulfilling his commitments.


She says ok, whenever I smoke I will be far from the window. Lavanya asks Pakhi how many rooms you have in your house, we have nine cars. Anshuman comes to his room and hears the song. Raghu says it means you are lucky for him. Anshuman is praised for keeping up 201 words. Her saree gets stuck and she is nervous.

Tumhari Pakhi 20th November Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

She falls on him and they get closer and have an eyelock. Anshuman looks at her. Maa ji says we all are with you. Last updated Nov 19, She sees the master key kept there on the table. Lavanya leaves wishing all the best to Anshuman.

Raghu asks are you happy there. Maa ji asks Sukhi, the servant, what are tmhari doing. She says I have to do something big for getting rid of her. Pakhi understands him noember says our hearts should meet first before getting physical.

Maa ji says no. He says it was not needed for you to come here.

The media sees them and asks is this your first wife, you are getting an award today, will you introduce her today.

The Episode starts with Girish asking Pakhi to go on the stage and accept the award with Anshuman. Anshuman asks the servant to change the curtains. Maa ji is worried thinking Pakhi is winning over. She gives him milk to drink and he says what is this for. He sees Pakhi is his office and is shocked. She enters the house and its huge and beautiful.


Anshuman asks Maa ji not to make breakfast for him. A password will be e-mailed to you. Anshuman asks her to trust him, if not Pakhi.

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Pakhi makes the breakfast and asks Maa ji is this good. Log In Welcome, Login to your account.

Anshuman is shocked to see her as she can ruin his image. Pakhi is upset and comes to her room.

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Anshuman says meet me outside the hotel. Pakhi comes to them and says good morning, how are you all. Lavanya tells Girish that Pakhi is coming home, what will I say to Mr. They hold the candle together. She talks to him and he listens to her quietly. Lavanya is not happy seeing Pakhi.

She says everything is different here. Pakhi goes on the stage and stands with Anshuman holding the award.