Like 0 Dislike 0. Meethi asks her to tell her what she wants. It is revealed that Jogi Thakur is unintentionally responsible for the death of Ragendra Bharti Iccha’s father which is the reason he takes care of Ichha as his own child. She says in her mind, are these papers solution to this pain? Like 0 Dislike 0. Agarth agrees with Sankrant and says, we will ask Meethi for forgiveness for our bad behavior to her in this house. She hears her mother calling out to her.

Meethi nods though she is torn. Like 0 Dislike 0. Retrieved 30 January Ichha returns and reunites with her family but is hated by Yuvraj Saurabh Raj Jain who has grown up to be spoilt and selfish who blames Iccha for abandoning him, as well as Meethi who grew up believing Iccha was dead and is unable to bear the truth she was actually in jail for murder. Tapasya meets Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore Gaurav Chopra the CEO of Rathore Industries and gets pregnant with his child but he separates from Tapasya due to her spoilt and selfish nature without knowing about her pregnancy. Thakur tells her, I understand it is a tough time but we have to be strong. Meethi and Aman, having realised they are not meant for each other, separate as friends.

Veera 21st June Written Episode Update. I beg of you to let him go. She is stunned to see him.

Or will this pain last forever? Agarth epiisode, then get ready to go to Mumbai. Tapasya starts flirting with him but he rejects her. Meethi and whilst Yuvraj was brought up by Gunvanti who took the custody rights over him through deception and brainwashed him against Ichha while Veer now Vikas Bhalla has lost his memory post the incident with Avinash and is living with Gunvanti and his new wife, Amla Sonica Handa who married him for money.


She says in her mind, are these papers solution to this pain? When Vansh finds out Tapasya is responsible for Ichha’s sufferings as the latter lives with the man she loves at the same house but can 02 be with him but is also unable to reciprocate Vansh’s feelings towards her, Vansh commits suicide in Tapasya’s presence to frame her for his murder and thus, punish her.

This is my wish and uttxran that he brings Meethi back. By doing this, both families will come together. Agarth gets furious and says, if you say anything more, then I will show you how much strength I still have.

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Uttaran 20th June Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Hearing this, Kanha goes to check on Amu Nani and is shocked to find her missing. As they are speaking, Akaash comes rushing and inquires about Meethi and Amu Nani.

Agarth comes downstairs now. He then says, I want to say one more thing. Mukta slowly begins developing feelings for Yuvraj but he is jailed after attempting to molest Mukta.

Uttaran – उतरन – 19th June – Full Episode(HD)

Meethi adopts Akash’s illegitimate daughter, Rani Arshifa Khanfrom his first girlfriend, Nandini Shriya Jhawho was forced into prostitution. Surabhi tries to stop him from advancing towards Kanha.


Agarth says, you talk too much. But I will agree to your one thing. Meethi — everything is over.

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Surbahi tries to stop Nirbhay but this time he pushes her hard outside the door. Ichha is kind, caring and helpful, while Tapasya is spoilt, selfish and jealous. My every drop of blood is a debt to my Maiyya. He starts walking with Maiyya, but Agarth stops them.

Now I understand why she did that to us. Naagin season 3 Tantra Vish Ya Amrit: And I fjll she took the right decision. Akash stares at Nirbhay with anger, but then notices Surabhi falling down.

Uttaran – उतरन – 19th June 2014 – Full Episode(HD)

Kanha interrupts and asks, with what right you want to say me something, Vishnu? Mukta reveals the number of the bus and Raghuvendra tells Akaash, to accompany him in searching for Meethi.

I wont say anything to you but your heart will. Agarth agrees with Sankrant and says, we will ask Meethi for forgiveness for our bad behavior to her in this house.

But I know that Ammo Nani wont be happy to know that you are in jail.