Three Moroccan journalists of Al Michaal,an independent newspaper in Morocco are going to go through judicial hard questions in Rabat on the first of October Abdessalem El Manssouri is leaving SNRT soon because of his age, I mean he is retiring, but who will replace this cameraman of great humour, wit and imagination? Wednesday, July 01, Essawira Gnawa festival. That is for sure. The family of Mehdi Ben Barka, Moroccan people and the free world are still waiting to know the truth. We finally come back to reality at the end of the sequence by the arrival of the moneylender, suggesting inevitable suffering and hardship. Youssef Zeidan is an Egyptian writer, whose faith is Islamic. Mangala Al Badawiya,translated into Moroccan dialect by Ibrahim Sayah, was a popular movie loved by Moroccans right after in the independence.

That is for sure. Allal El Alaoui Spatial Hrig: Ahmed Ezz, Yasmin Abdulaziz, Nour. Posted by allal-cinemagoer at Instead of activity, there is agony. Tuesday, April 28, Sufism within music in Fes. The Mela here represents collective and individual happiness and celebrations. Mostafa, is a young man travelled to Ukraine seeking work opportunity with Egyptian community there.

She is constantly in debt to the moneylender and faces a lifetime of hardship and struggle against poverty. Wednesday, July 01, Essawira Gnawa festival.

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Yes, i have chosen this word in purpose to title my article, because this word was almost the last word uttered by this assassinated figure and also I feel deeply angry about the neo-killings of our charismatic leader ,Mehdi Ben Barka.

Start your free trial. Some scholars fi,m to pay homage to Taib Sadiki referring only to fulfil his dream which is to build up that independent theatre, Mogador.

No doubt Doukkala-Abda has been a sacred place for writers,adventures,peasants and course anthropoligists. Tuesday, April 28, Sufism within music in Fes.

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Monday, September 07, Hamlet of Morocco is dead. The film is a remake of Mehboob Khan’s earlier film Aurat The recurring shots of a wheel suggests the cycle of the season, from the sowing of the seeds to reaping the harvest and the cycle of human life from childhood to old age. At this point she is visually separated from the villagers. In the opening sequence we see Radha as an old woman who is requested to open the irrigation ditch.


What strikes me most is the final scene when Mr. Now that everybody has the right to sign in to go to Mars via Nasa. We may log in vooir Nasa’s Science laboratory rover in order to get familiar or close to strange creatures that we call Extra-Terrrestres. Ahmed Ezz, Zeina, Mahmood Abdulmughni. Thanks to Ray Music originally coming from Algeria and supported by a fervent military soldier ,a lieutenant who sympathizes with the cause of the damned and oppressed youth of North Africa.

Earth is confirmed to be soon destroyed and this news is announced by some Indian and American geologists. The film came close to winning the award, but eventually lost to Frederico Fellini’s Nights of Cabiria by a single vote Mother India — The Cinema of Mehboob Khan July 30, — shakila Would it be true to say that the song sequence as a narrative convention of popular Indian cinema cannot be understood in terms of the conventions of the western, Hollywood dominant realist tradition?

Ever since music magnificently mqsjoun existed in the world, Mediterranean people are really fascinated with it either in their death ceremonies or during happy moments.

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He really gives you the impression that you are working with a precise guy who you can not play with. Driss Chahtane;Mustapha Hirane and Rashid Mhamid are journalists accused to have published false information on the health of Moroccan king, Mohammed 6. Full Cast and Crew. But this time he addresses the king of Morocco Mohammed tdanzit Sixth via an open letter.

Two young brothers who are identical twins get separated from the orphanage. A guy wakes up in hotel with dead man’s body and he can’t remember anything. The only outsider is the moneylender. Radha in dilm becomes the mother of the village and by extension a symbol of rural virtues — not just rural virtues but feminine virtues where women can be relied upon to sustain the family; the community and by extension the whole of society. The engineer was immediately fired because he refused to work with zionists who slaughtered million of women and children in Gaza last year.


Arabs,mainly Zeriab has played a good role to spread music in Europe, which was the old world in the past.

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Justice in Morocco condemne d three Moroccan journalists eighteen months prison because according to the judicial police ,these journalists have “published” false information flim the health of Moroccan king. Wednesday, May 20, Pakistan goes to Allah. Evey Moroccan is a Doukkali or somehow runs in his or her blood some Doukkali typical characteristics. Accidentally he became engaged in a kidnapping of an Egyptian scientist.

Unfortunately this party has sent its people to interior exile. They are known to have a solid stomach. There is a famous saying in Maghreb that says if you want to charm people of north-africa,you just bring them Maalouma Mint El Meydah in order to enchant them “Habibi Habeytou”. Now a contemporary theatre school exists in Rabat for the first time, unfortunately theatre remains marginalised and tabooed. In my country, it is sad to hear from time to time that some journalists are given bribes to keep their thoughts hidden.

Radha and Shamu her husband are together again, dissolves are used to set the rhythm, Radha holding the millet, becoming a symbol of fertility.