SirenR – almost 6 years ago. David Velazquez – almost 6 years ago. Rebecca Richards – almost 6 years ago. Mark Stepa – over 6 years ago. Edit Did You Know? Gage – over 4 years ago. So did the ad for the job read: Megan McEvers – over 4 years ago.

It was a terrible movie but at least it was short! She does need her own spin off movie. Lol, man, I’m glad my mom never made me watch Hobgoblins or blew me up for jumping on the couch. The where are the women segment was the best part of the entire experience: I honestly want to see this movie remade with Daphne as the hero. Toblerone Laugh – 11 months ago.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 S09e07 Hobgoblins [Part 1]

Need I say more?? Samus you’re hitting the booze again – over 5 years ago. This movie reminds me of watching my brother watcn out his ridiculous mullet back in’ Welcome to the most complete list of free online streaming Mystery Science Theater videos. Why do you think I spent the last 30 years of my life here?

Toblerone Laugh – about 2 months ago. I dreamed that I had to watch it again.

This movie, more than almost any other except Manos makes me ask the question: It’s funny because we used to make fun of how old he was. Rosnibon – Some kind of freakin’ wizard.


Full Cast and Crew. What’cha gonna do with those Hobgoblins? I knew it was going to be a bad fight scene when he said “Okay, hold onto it like this” and already he was hobgolins. Kara Glitch McFarland – almost 5 years ago. Phil Anderson – over 2 years ago. Wwtch – almost 7 years ago. Link 1 Link 2.

Can we have a law, that in the future, films have to be made by filmmakers? Carrie is So Very – almost 6 years ago. Old Blithering Idiot lets his partner: Maybe the Great Carnac answers are stored in there?! The 80s was the only time you could get away with street fighting with nun-chucks as your weapon of choice. Childe Harold – over 6 years ago. I’m watching you UncleDes. SirenR – almost 6 years ago.

In an unforeseen tragedy, the two actors were NOT mst3i the car at the time of the crash. They are making love in a chevy van, and thats NOT allright with me! Randy Barrett – about 7 years ago.

“Mystery Science Theater ” Hobgoblins (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Toblerone Laugh – 12 months ago. Part of me is laughing i think Fuzzy Skinner – almost 6 years ago. Waffles – almost 5 years ago. I love Daph’s “can do spirit” sexuality and her popularity at Club Scum. But they’re on par with the original at least. Great riffs, painful movie. Brian Peter Vandenbroek – over 3 years ago. What the hell kind of grenades do that??


Alex Stefanic – almost 7 years ago. Hal Walter – over 6 years ago. Eric Cantwell – 12 months ago. Can anyone tell me what the exclamation marks before the episode title on here mean???

Even with the boys riffing I cant bear watching this one. Gal Dagon – over 6 years ago. Travis Bickle – over 1 year ago. Apparently I saw this before, it was only until the riveting garden tool fight when my brain remembered. I cant believe that there would ever be a movie so bad that even the MST3K treatment couldn’t make it bearable, but this IS that movie. Funky The Monkey – over 2 years nobgoblins.

Teri Gee – over 5 years ago. I don’t need to see every part of the human mstk3 outlined in spandex! Klaatu – over 1 year ago.