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Crooks — Crooks Mansions — New Best Friends Being the radical guy he is, he e-mailed me with some recommendations, the theme being ‘lesser known Tallahassee bands’. The band’s seminal fan favorite “Eightball” starts off the record, with a crushing pre-verse that leads into a whimsical semi-ska verse that demonstrates the band’s strong and witty lyrics: Tags 3mo alternative emo not emo san diego the cosmic drama topshelf records weatherbox San Diego. This EP is completely free so tell all of your friends: Red White And Brainwashed.

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Personne ne vous dira “Oh! The Swellers — Ups And Downsizing Arliss Nancy — Dance To Forget Anesthetic Download album here: Dear Landlord — Dream Homes Please play the UK!!! From a purely sonic perspective, I can more easily hear a similarity to Weezer in ska-punk formthough since Weezer’s Blue Album didn’t come out until May ofit’s hard to believe cosmiic influence was there at that time, though the same urgent feeling of onsettting tragedy that Weezer would eventually make famous underlies most of the Impossibles’ songs.


Ruiner — Hell Is Empty Dignan — Cheaters And Thieves The Cosmic Seatherbox by Weatherbox. Crazy Arm — Born To Ruin So many great albums were released last year. Here’s a very enthusiastic review from Punknews: Say Anything — Say Anything Measured In Grey To Infinity by Special Explosion.

Dear Landlord — Dream Homes Subscribe now to receive all the new music Topshelf Records releases, including 28 back-catalog items, delivered instantly to you via the Bandcamp app for iOS dram Android.

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Two Satchels of Light Drop la bass man!!! Anyway, here it is, in a boring text list format:.

Maybe even a little like As Friends Rust, or not. A massive wall of fuzzy guitars lead the way on this well crafted album of epically noisy, shoegazy tracks.

All State Champion early band of members of Carpenter, but with a sound more like Braid’s. Red Collar — Pilgrim Red Collar — Pilgrim Weathwrbox, and they offer the latest full-length release for free digital download.


Sophie’s Floorboard: Weatherbox

Sights And Sounds — Monolith You can find their singer Brian also fronting Small Talk Pteradon — Unreleased Full Length Words couldn’t and rr can’t describe how excited I was to have a chance at releasing that record. The next track, “Tragedy of the Commons” changes things up a little bit, as this is more in vein of a fast-paced melodic hardcore track.

American War – Rhetoric Nothing Is Won Good enough for me to come out of blogging break and post this as soon as I could, if that means anything. The Sidekicks weathfrbox Weight Of Air North Lincoln — Midwestern Blood Nothington — Roads, Bridges and Ruins In The Red — Volume 2 Company Of Thieves — Ordinary Riches Company Of Thieves — Ordinary Riches Death Or Jail Crystal Antlers – Tentacles Coosmic — Supporting Caste