And you don’t know what tomorrow will be. JetaAmata paints a violent, high crime, high action picture of the Niger-delta slum in Nigeria, revealing a gangster movie of sorts. Itencompassesways by which governments generaterespect and understanding of themselves amongst other countries. The dominant images in this film are guns that are displayed at every moment. Monday, 25 February at The choice of selection isnot systematic but random. I wonder how all those bleaching women will look like when they get old.

Skipo, the lead assassin in this story lives a life of killing people and been paid. What baffles me the most is that, in virtually all the Yoruba movies I’ve watched, a girl always gets pregnant outside wedlock. No doubt, familiarity with the events of the narrative, occasioned by iconicity, breeds curiosity, and negative emotions has their own hold on attention. The ramification of this action or reaction as the case may be is that a foreign worker is abducted, militants lay siege to oil installations, mass protests, vandalized pipelines and the likes. Dere is God o. Among these shots is that of a boy who runs to squat on a boat to defecate while a woman, in a close proximity, unconsciously or carelessly fetches water with a bowl to feed her thirsty child strapped on her side. However, this phenomenon is not coded in any cultural system of the Nigerian people. The video film demonstrates a graphic portrayal of the phenomena of assassination, and looting of government treasury at the expense of the generality of the people.

Black celebrities like Tiwa Savage dey give birth to white pikin while fair skined celebrities like Tonto Dike dey give birth to Black kids hahahaha I swear u bad gaaannnn In a fast globalizing world, Nigeria cannot afford a context of isolationism since its socio-economic and political systems interweave and are relatively dependent on the network occasioned by globalization: Thank you God, you are concieve of pregnance? The film is among the new movies by Nigerians that intersects Nollywood and Hollywood, both in thematic and technical concerns, like Half of a Yellow Sun, October 1, Blood and Oil and a host of others.

For Jean Alter 13socio-semiotics partly refers to the sociology of semiotics, that is, to the manner in which a given society organizes the production, distribution, and reception of all sorts of signs. Therefore, to engage cultural diplomacy as a cardinal objective by Nollywood, characters in film should replicate national characters to a large extent in orderto induce national consciousness and emulation by citizens. In this discourse,the concern is the role of film in identity construction; how it shows certain groups in a given way, or how charactersoften define themselves in relation to an imagined homeland in Nigeria.


Tufnell and Crickmay allude to film as a veritable function of all narratives. Within this trifocal modes, the same distinction marks off tragedy from comedy; for comedy aims at representing men as worse, tragedy as better than in actual life.

Grammatical Errors (Gbagauns) Of Nollywood – TV/Movies (5) – Nigeria

No doubt, producers and directors of Nigerian films freely create filmic products that resonate with national audiences; whether in Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, or in English.

Talk Entertainment The Buzz Central. Film is therefore rich semiotic or semiological resources for securing diplomatic capital gain. Bleaching is rampant across the Nigerian showbiz industry with celebrities shunning medical reports on its detriments.

Markus who does not have a family except an yiruwood friend turns greedy and hires an assassin to kill his partner in crime. Through flashback technique, the movie unfolds the commonplace narrative of the Niger-delta people, who are apractical example of the paradox of being so rich with oil and yet among the most wretched people in the world.

The characters are iconic images of politicians in Nigeria yorudood steal without compunction. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Tajudeen hajarat bisola April 26, at 3: Ifeoluwa September 2, at 5: Although the popularity is hardly in doubt, what is represented and how Nigeria is portrayed are critical to her image in the international community.

Anonymous September 6, at 1: The kernel of the discourse is a call for new thematic models for future transformations that will erode static and rigid definition of films that currently emanate from Nollywood industry.

The video film demonstrates a graphic portrayal of the phenomena of assassination, and looting of government treasury at the expense of the generality of the people.

Monday, 25 February at Point of correction Mr. Made-in-Nigeria films or is it made-by-Nigerian films?

Discussion The narrative of Save the Baby is an iconic yooruwood of the spate of corruption, assassinations and kidnap that are gaining grounds in Nigeria, like in other parts of the world. As a result, the government of Umaru Musa Yar-aduaintroduced subsidy programme to quell the situation.

However, he grows fierce with his killing spree each moment, particularly those engaged by Markus to kill him. The Challenge of Interpreting Dances.

Nobody is Mr known all. For instance, these assassins who have turned against themselves flaunt their guns without any form of detection and they do as they like. Now its our own you are making noise.

The reverse is ironically the preoccupation of Nollywood films where woes, corruption, cultism, prostitution, ethnic strife and the likes are dominant thematic preoccupations. Anonymous September 30, at 9: Unfortunately,these sorts of crime occur and the assassins are most times never discovered.


But truth be told ibo films and many ibo directed Nigerian films have some heavy gbagauns too o. However, the true picture of the Niger-delta story is a complex arena of discourse that is steep in indeterminacy and requires a systematic study to arrive at the truth of the situation. The import of the above is that art should not just be a representation of what is but of what ought to be.

It may therefore not be hasty to conclude that filmmakers of Nollywood have largely failed to factor into their films deliberate image-building themes for Nigeria.

Save my name for the next time I comment. Derris god oooo, so fa ojukwu manhood still liveth I wil go to house town for bayelsa an rest in peace. Key words Socio-semiotics, Cultural Diplomacy, Image-building, Globalization, Nollywood, Film,Representation Introduction Since Aristotle, it is the general consensus that art is representation because it refers to something else.

The conflict of this narrative is furthered by the consequence of extra-judicial execution of these elders by the militant youths of the community, on one hand, and the oil spillage that ravage the livelihood of the community, on the other. This ironic portrait is a deliberate scheme by the filmmaker to set the tone early for his ideological position.

U guyz should correct them now,,nobody above mistake. Adopting Saussure’s models, in Film LanguageMetz argued that cinema is structured like a language and film cannot be regarded as comprising a “langue,” in the sense of having a strict grammar and syntax equivalent to that of the written or spoken word.

He succeeds in eliminating him and goes to the bank only to discover something is wrong. An instance of this portrait ,ovies Chief James OnanefeIbori who moies currently facing series of prosecutions for defrauding Delta State of Nigeria. I wonder how all those bleaching women will look like when they get old.

Where a filmmaker delves into a complex domain of indeterminacy, ideology becomes evident.

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